Wood frames from sustainable development

We only use wood from forests in Finland, managed according to the principle of sustainable development. Our suppliers are FSC (Forest Stewardship Coucil) certified.

Giclee print on canvas with stretcher bars

If you choose a giclee print on canvas with stretcher bars, your reproduction will come in a gallery wrap style : on the edges of the reproduction, we will print a continuous mirrored image to create the outer edge of your gallery wrap, as shown on the picture.

Handmade oil paintings with stretcher bars

For our hand painted oil reproductions, you can choose to have them on stretcher bars. The result is as shown on the pictures below. The edges of the paintings will be mostly white and the entire picture will be displayed on the front.

Giclee print on canvas with stretcher bars
Oil painting on canvas with stretcher bars

Poster on stretcher bars

Our posters come in predetermined sizes. They can be transfered on canvas and then stretched on wood stretcher bars, as shown on the pictures below. The outer edges are white. That's what we call the museum wrap.

Tighten canvas print on stretcher bars

We only use stretcher bars that can be put back into place and tighten whenever needed because of degradation. Put a piece of cloth on a table. Lay the print up side down, face of the picture on the cloth. On each corner, you can use a little hammer to knock on the key to tighten the canvas.

Poster on stretcher bars
Tightening canvas

Note: We strongly recommend you to use a piece of cardboard on the back of your reproduction before retightening. This will prevent you from damaging the canvas when using the hammer (see black area in the photo).


Assemble your own stretcher bars

You can purchase the stretcher bars and cross pieces as a kit, made by our supplier S.M.P. Sign Systems GmbH, and assemble them by yourself ! Many available sizes: between 25 to 300 cm / 9.8 to 118 inches. 

Stretcher bar pieces

Stretcher Bars : 18x14 mm / 0.7x0.55 inches

It's a quality product for mass production as well as for single units. The wood we use comes from Finish forests and our supplier is FSC certified. 

Stretcher bars measure 44mm (1.7 inches) in order to make frames more stable. The frame is approximately 18mm (0.7 inches) thick.

As for the large wood frames, the cross braces are necessary for reinforcement. By doing so, you avoid the deformation of the frame and the canvas remains tense uniformly.

Starting from a 80 cm (31 inches) length, bars are provided with one incision in order to insert the cross brace.
From a length of 200 cm (78 inches), bars are provided with 2 incisions.
From a length of 250 cm (98 inches), bars are provided with 3 incisions.

1) a 50x60 cm (19x23 inches) frame comes with two 50 cm (19 inches) stretcher bars + two 60 cm (23 inches) stretcher bars + no cross brace
2) a 60x80 cm (23x31 inches) frame comes with two 60 cm (23 inches) stretcher bars + two 80 cm (31 inches) stretcher bars + one 60 cm (23 inches) cross brace
3) a 80x90 cm (31x35 inches) frame comes with two 80 cm (31 inches) stretcher bars + two 90 cm (35 inches) stretcher bars + one 80 cm (31 inches) cross brace + one 90 cm (35 inches) cross brace
4) a 200x260 cm (78x102 inches) frame comes with two 200 cm (78 inches) stretcher bars + two 260 cm (102 inches) stretcher bars + three 200 cm (78 inches) cross braces + two 260 cm (102 inches) cross braces

A wooden key is included with the frame to stretch the canvas on the corners.