For fine walls!

Our fliece wallpaper is different from what you can usually purchase on the market. We've made sure that the printing material is of very fine quality and that colors as well as details of the pictures can have the best effect possible. So that your print on wallpaper really looks like a painting fresco.

Large size for big art.

Fresco - Fleece Wallpaper: easy to put into place!

This new print media is a fancy fleece wallpaper with fine structures suitable for plain and colourful frescos at your wall. With authentic colours the fleece wallpaper is also suitable for photo murals. The material is 100% free of PVC, printable for all purposes and flame resistant (B1) on flameproof walls.

This fleece wallpaper is recommanded for any interior decoration and fresco looking wallpaper. It can be glued with any common wallpaper glue. This wallpaper will be printed in 50 cm wide strips (19.7 inches) or on larger strips on demand, up to 1 meter wide (39.4 inches).  It can be varnished with water-based spray, which we recommend for wallpapers in humid rooms. The join of the seam is easy to make so that the whole wallpaper will appear as a unified surface.

We also recommend a glue without solvent such as Ovalit T or Henkel. Fleece wallpaper, when put on non-flammable surface, will hardly inflame (Certificat B1 DIN4102-1). Wallpaper should be applied on a dry and clean surface.

Here's how you do it:

1. Put the glue on the entire surface of the wall.
2. Unfold strips from the top of the ceiling to the bottow starting from the lateral sides of your windows.
BEWARE: make sure your fresco fleece wallpaper is correctly orientated and lay the strips without overlapping. You may brush each strip from the center to the sides to get rid of possible air bubbles.

And it's done!