Joseph Mallord William Turner

Portrait of William Turner as art print or paintingEnglish Romantiscm (1775 – 1851)Turner was born on 23th of April in 1775 in London as a son of a barber. In 1789 he attended the Royal Academy. Additionally he completed an education with the artist Thomas Malton. For the first time Turner joint an exhibition of the Royal Academy in 1790 with his water colour paintings. Six years later he presented his first art work in oil. After several years of travelling to Scotland, Switzerland and France he established his own gallery in 1804. In 1807 he obtained a professorship at the Royal Academy and started “Liber Studiorum” to administrate. In this register he classified painting in certain criteria. In 1819/20 he travelled to Italy and visited Rom for a while. At this time he changed his style of painting and removed from realism. Thereupon he came under hard critism. Hence the Royal Academy stopped to exhibit several late art works of him. Turner travelled constantly to the south of Europe in particular to Venice. He was fascinated and inspirited by the romanticized colours. Tuner died on the 19th of December in 1851 in London.Turner was one of the distinguished artists for landscape in romanticism.

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