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Standard terms & conditions

§ 1 General

  1. The contract between KUNSTKOPIDE.DE and the customer strictly follows standard terms of KUNSTKOPIDE.DE. Variations of the customer’s standard terms do not apply. All special arrangements outside of the standard product offering must be submitted in written form.
  2. The customer is required to provide details requested on the order form (name, address etc.), truthfully and as complete as possible; any damage or expense resulting from false or incorrect information provided by the customer, becomes the sole responsibility of the customer.

§ 3 Delivery

  1. Shipping charges are spelled out in the delivery terms and on the order form.
  2. The standard delivery time can be extended due to acts of god or failure of delivery by one or more of KUNSTKOPIDE.DE’s vendors.
  3. Our prints are professionally packaged and submitted to a parcel service which then will deliver the product.
  4. Delivery will be attempted up to three times. After the third failed delivery attempt the product will be returned to Art-prints-on-demand. Any additional shipping charges (costs of returning the parcel + shipping costs) become the responsibility of the customer.
  5. The delivery of the product by the parcel service is attempted on workdays only (Monday-Friday).
  6. All standard payment and delivery terms apply.

§ 5 Property Rights

All products remain the property of KUNSTKOPIDE.DE until full payment has been received inclusive all shipping charges.

§ 6 Damages in transit

i.    Posters and art prints that are offered in predertermined size are considered as standard products.
ii.    You may revoke your contrat declaration within two weekd in text form (e.g. letter, email, fax or online contact form) without stating any reason, or by simply returning the goods.
iii.    Returns are to be made to the following address:
KUNSTKOPIE.DE - Hardy Schulz
            Haferweg 46
            22769 Hamburg

iv.    Consequences of revocation. In the event revocation takes effect, products received by the customer are to be returned in the same condition. Standard products have to be sent back in their original packaging.
v.    In the event that the value of the standard product is lower than 40 Euro, the shipping costs will be paid by the customer.
vi.    There is no right of revocation for custom size art prints and custom size hand painted oil reproductions.

§ 7 Payment

  1. Standard payment and delivery terms are in effect.
  2. KUNSTKOPIE.DE may request advance payment under certain conditions.

§ 4 Warranty

  1. Customer has the right to return incorrect or defective merchandise. Claims have to be made within 14 days after delivery. Complaints can be in form of e-mail with our contact form. We will establish contact within 24 hours after receipt of complaint. Should the customer withdraw the complaint the merchandise will be considered accepted and delivered.
  2. On Standard products, which are posters where sizes and substrates are not changeable, we offer a 14 day return period for undamaged or unaltered merchandise. This right for return doesn't concern posters transfered on canvas.
  3. Returns are not accepted on any custom products, because art prints and custom frames are produced and assembled based on the customer's choices.
  4. KUNSTKOPIDE.DE is not liable for insignificant deviations of the delivered product compared to product descriptions. Insignificant deviations like slight variations in color, size and the substrate texture are expected due to technology applied. Such insignificant deviations do not entitle the customer to return merchandise. Appearance of products can vary compared to on screen appearance due to different graphic cards, monitors or browsers.
  5. All materials used are standard trade products and we can only guarantee inks, substrates and fade resistance based on vendor-supplied information.

§ 10 Right of use

i.   None of the picture materials published on our website may be copied, processed or published elsewhere without our consent.
ii.   Our art prints may only be used for interior deisgn and decoration. Reproduction or use in the media is not permitted. Such actions require our prior consent.
iii.   The customer is not authorised to produce, reproduce or sell the goods from KUNSTKOPIE.DE themselves or to commission such actions from third parties.

11. Pictures supplied by the customer and copyright laws

i. KUNSTKOPIE.DE guaranties that picture materials supplied by the customer will be subject to strict data protection laws. Personal picture materials will be used solely for fulfilling the order.
ii. The customer warrants that they are in possession of the necessary copyright, trademark and other rights for their digital images. Ths customer also warrants that the content to be printed does not infringe upon the personality rights of the persons depicted or upon the interllectual property rights of the items depicted and that all of the necessary authorisations have been obtained.
iii. The customer bears sole responsaibility for any trademark or copyright infringement or for any other infringement of third party rights and the consequences thereof. KUNSTKOPIE.DE expressly delcares that third parties may assert considerable claims for damages against the customer in the event that content infringes upon any copyright or other rights.
iv. The customer shall indemnify KUNSTKOPIE.DE against such third party claims.

§ 12 Governing Law

i.   Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction is Hamburg, Germany
ii.   All transactions and the standard terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.