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The Sleeping Bather

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Andrew Lloyd G. wrote:
1. I asked for 11x14 but it was 11x14.25 and I've had to remove one side of the canvas from the wood stretcher bars and saw off the .25" in order to fit it into my frame.2. This was the first one I ordered with the varnish, but could not tell any difference.3. Overall, therefore, it was a little too expensive compared to when I have sent a photo into another canvas-duplicating service.
28 x 35 cm  
Canvas print with varnish (410g | 100% cotton)
Elena R. wrote:
La copia è perfettamente fedele all'originale. Da qualunque punto di vista si voglia esaminare certamente non si poteva immaginare di meglio. Grazie
40 x 49 cm  
Dipinto a mano, Olio su tela (SG1)