Customer view for: Madonna in the rock grotto (second setting)

Madonna in der Felsengrotte (zweite Fassung)

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Georg S. wrote:
- Weil ich mir sehr sicher war Leinwand auf Keilrahmen bestellt zu haben.
40 x 66 cm  
Echte Malerleinwand (390g | 100% Baumwolle)
Gerhard H. wrote:
91 x 150 cm  
Echte Malerleinwand mit Firnis veredelt (410g | 10
Karen J. wrote:
print is dull with very washed out colours. Very little of the detail of background and foreground has been captured. I am disappointed as I wanted this as a replacement for a print I bought of this 35 years ago. The 35 year old print is in better condition.
44 x 70 cm  
Fine Art Print Poster Paper (230g)
Christa S. wrote:
Alles prima, gerne wieder
38 x 60 cm  
Kunstdruckpapier, matt (230g)
nach oben