Jacques-Laurent Agasse ( * 1767 † 1849 )

Jacques-Laurent Agasse Self-portrait

Short biography of Jacques-Laurent Agasse (1767 † 1849 )

Jacques-Laurent Agasse was born in 1767 in Geneva and died in 1849 in London. This Swiss paintor was born in a rich Scottish family, which allowed him to develop his artistic habilities in the best conditions. He was encouraged by Cassot and Topffer to pursue his artist career. When he moved to Paris, he became a disciple of Jacques-Louis David in Septembre 1787, and afterwards we worked with Horacio Vernet.
Agasse remained in Paris until 1798 and moved to London by the end of 1800 after receiving a work offer by a rich English man. In London, he lived in modest conditions. The reccuring themes in his artworks were animals and equestrian scenes.

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