Art Déco

This is a good start!

Art Deco is back. Has it ever even disappeared? We know: Fine metals, slender geometry and modern materials are in vogue in 2020 and can be combined in style. Who can do this best? Individual lovers who like to experiment and who value the uniqueness and originality of handmade objects.

It's not all gold that glitters? Oh yes, it is! Art Deco lives on glitter and glory. We also like the delicate organic forms we can play with. Elegant lines give us the feeling that pictures are floating, clear and strong colours make us nostalgic - and our own four walls become a luxury palace.


The '20s in the '20s

In the mid-1920s Art Déco reached its peak and united the ambivalences of an entire era. This historical awareness also flows into our 2020s. We like art that seduces us into another century and is modern at the same time. Art Déco is a lovingly remembered classic that is absolutely fit for the future due to its linearity and the deliberate mix of materials.

Everything can be decorative art

With Art Déco we directly take up the meaning of words: The art of decoration. Here, everything is artfully arranged. The decorative art has its origin in the early Paris of the 20th century. The French l'art décoratif stands for symmetrical, geometric and streamlined works that are simple and appealing to our eyes. With this the style stands against the swinging avant-gardists.

More than a style: an attitude

Function and appearance clearly go hand in hand in this style. Living like the Great Gatsby? Mix the new clarity with a powerful pinch of luxury. We are already in the glamorous style of the 20s. Combine your work of art, for example, with a classic Art Déco mirror, shiny surfaces such as polished marble, lacquered wood, brass figures or crystal glass.

Specially suitable:

>works of art that complement the decorative design. In Art Déco we arrange rectangular, often blocky forms geometrically to each other. With a work of art of your choice, you can direct your gaze upwards through vertical weighting. In this way you can stretch small rooms and give the lavishly decorated designs a clear line. Emphasize your work of art with a metal frame. This has a particularly decorative effect and accentuates the shiny metal accents in the room.

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