Eugène Boudin ( * 1824 † 1898 )

Biography of Eugène Boudin

Precursor of Impressionism (1824 - 1898)

The young Boudin, born July 13, 1824 in Honfleur, moved at the age of 11 with his family in Le Havre. He studied the art of printing and opened in 1842, a paper store in which he also sold paintings, including those of Millet. Boudin, who early learned to paint, devoted himself exclusively to painting thanks to a scholarship he obtained in Paris. After 3 years in the capital, the painter traveled to France and Italy. He also visited Belgium and Holland. Boudin died August 8, 1898 in Deauville.

Boudin appreciated nature in its various aspects. Thus he painted mostly landscapes, the sea with clouds and the light that goes with it. He later portrayed the live of people, always in a natural setting. His style set the stage for the impressionist style that will soon emerge with the example of Claude Monet.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Eugène Boudin
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