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Karsten Breckwoldt ( * 1962 )

Portrait of Karsten Breckwold

Shorr biography of Karsten Breckwold

Colors, shapes and emotions.

Karsten has been a passionate painter and photographer since a very young age. Through the years, he made a career from computer science, taking a break from art.

In the 1990s, he started working again on his artistic projects and took art lessons in order to develop his expressive painting technique.

Karsten manages to communicate a certain “joie de vivre” through his colorful and emotional artworks.

Landscapes, nudes, characters and still lives are the main themes for his work. Southern landscapes are his particular source of inspiration.

Karsten Breckwoldt lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.



Art prints and oil reproductions by Karsten Breckwoldt

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