Carl Larsson ( * 1853 † 1919 )

Biography of Carl Larsson (1853 - 1919)

If we think of Sweden, then his pictures are the first images that appear in our mind. He is considered to be the founder of today's typical Swedish lifestyle. His paintings and drawings reflect the life of his family in and around the dwelling-house in Sundborn, Sweden, which is now a museum.

Born on 28 May 1853 in Stockholm, Carl Larsson grew up in poverty. But his teacher recognized his talent and he began to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. After winning a medal for a painting and his success as a book illustrator, he was able to make his first trip to Paris in 1877, where he met the artists' colony in Grez-sur-Loing. He met his wife, also a painter, married her in Stockholm only to return to Grez with her. In 1888, the family got a small house near Sundborn (Sweden), which was renovated and decorated by the couple. They had 7 children together and the house became the center of the family. Larsson's typical oil paintings and watercolors reflect this life.

Carl Larsson's life has been full of successful exhibitions and contests in Germany (Berlin and Munich mainly). He died on January 22, 1919.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Carl Larsson
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