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Caspar David Friedrich ( * 1774 † 1840 )

Self-portrait by Caspar David Friedrich

Biography of Caspar David Friedrich

Caspar David Friedrich - German Romanticism (1774 – 1840)

Caspar David Friedrich was born on the 5th of September in 1774 in Greifswald (Pomerania). In 1794, he attended the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen. In 1798, he moved to Dresden, where he was represented only one year later at the exhibition of the academy. In 1810, he became a member of the Academy of Berlin and in 1816 of the Academy of Dresden. During the following years, Tsar Nikolaus I was one of his most important employers. Friedrich became ill and had to abandon painting completely in 1835. With his dead on the 7th of May in 1840 in Dresden, he felt into oblivion. At the beginning of the 20th century, his artworks became popular once again.

Friedrich is one of the most important painters of the German Romanticism. He was able to express the ideals of this period in his realistic and sentimental landscapes and to reflect atmospheres very faithful.



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