Francesca Donadio

Biography of Francesca Donadio

Francesca Donadio was born in 1961 in Italy, where she currently lives and works.
She started painting for passion in 2003 and has always loved the paintings belonging to the Impressionist movement. Sensitive person, she is attentive to the human figure and proposes it several times in her paintings, mainly in her Reproductions, Portraits or Sacred Art.
The greatest expression of her personal style, however, can be admired in the series of her "Landscapes" created in 2004, which are characterized by unique, colourful, warm, and intense tones, and in her latest abstract works of the series "Olympic", "Fans", "Geometry of colours", "Chromatic", "Black and White" and "Labyrinths of the Soul". Through these paintings, the artist expresses his creative flair and personality in a completely free and unconditional way, refusing any kind of academic rule.
Her works have been displayed in numerous events of high cultural level in galleries, museum and prestigious locations in Rio de Janeiro, Venice, Milan, Spoleto, Maranello, Como, Rome, Venice, as well as other European cities. Her paintings are often proposed and published together with authoritative critical notes in magazines, catalogues and national and international yearbooks of well-known and established publishing houses with the Great Masters of the 900.
During her artistic career, Francesca Donadio was awarded prestigious prizes in institutional sites and exclusive locations, such as the Palazzo Clerici in Milan, home of Christie's Italy.



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