Eduard Wilting ( * 1971 )

Portrait of Eduard Wilting

Short biography of Eduard Wilting

Eduard Wilting was born on February 4th, 1971 in the Netherlands and is currently living in Oslo, Norway.
On the basis of his wide and varied experience within many different forms of expression during his life as an artist, his skills as a painter have developed through practice and he is therefore considered being an autodidact.
Wilting worked as an Art Director for L’ORÉAL and taught various branch professionals in colormetri, composition and color understanding. He was also responsible for numerous
commercial installations, including trend events, worked in the production of art photography, concept building and collaborated with several designers and photographers in his career.
After more than fifteen years in the fashion industry, Eduard decided to work solely with paintings as his form of expression, with Temporary Art & Pop art as his main inspiration. He spent much of his time working with different art projects in Paris and Florence and and has built a substantial network amongst the international art crowd.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Eduard Wilting
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