Friederike Fischer-Achatzy ( * 1946 )

Friederike Fischer-Achatzy

Friederike Fischer-Achatzy was born in Munich in 1946. Since 1977 she has been self-taught in line drawings, chalk portraits/red chalk technique, landscape painting and watercolor techniques.

She has specialized in watercolor painting since 1995. In addition to numerous exhibitions in South Africa, USA and Italy, she is a sustaining member of IFAW (International Federation for Animal Welfare).

She says:

"Painting gives me the opportunity to express my spiritual and emotional feelings. Only abstract representation allows me to cross all boundaries and horizons. My motifs therefore consist essentially of impressions given by color, the form is therefore of secondary importance, and are intended to direct the viewer's gaze towards the new, the unknown, to open up to the imagination, stimulated by the colors. The viewer should not be distracted by familiar objects and shapes, but should draw inspiration to achieve harmony and balance from the representation itself."



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Friederike Fischer-Achatzy
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