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Maria Gust ( * 1956 )

Maria Gust

" I like to use contrasts in my paintings: circles compete with squares and rectangles, straight lines against structured areas. My artworks are painted, scratched, built, destroyed and rebuilt. The color as a material itself is what drives my art.

I start painting with a certain idea in mind. Then, what I had in mind is often altered by the process of painting or just entirely replaced by a new vision. I frequently overlap many layers; sometimes all the forms underneath will resurface later. The process of change is therefore important and often a deliberate permanent element of my work, because it shows the past, present and perhaps even a piece of the future.

The content of my painting is timeless: politics and society, but also seemingly mundane circumstances around me influence me and challenge me.

When finding a title for my paintings, I give my own interpretation, but everyone is free to seek other meanings in my work. "

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