Henri Lebasque ( * 1865 † 1937 )

Biography of Henri Lebasque

The Painter of Joy and Light

Henri Lebasque was born on September 25, 1865 in Champigne. He studied painting at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. In 1893, under the influence of Maximilien Luce and Paul Signac, he tried in Pointillism, which is associated with Post-impressionism. In the 1900s, Lebasque was inspired by Fauvism, an art movement in French painting that distinguished itself by flat, but pure colors and simplification.

Henri Lebasque was befriended with many artists of his time, such as Matisse, Rouault Dufy, Valtat, Manguin and encouraged them to exchange as much as possible with him. In 1924 he settled in the south of France. This move had a fundamental impact on his paintings: his color palette became brighter and happier.

Critics and fellow artists of his time described Lebasque as a "painter of joy and light." He worked colorful, subtle, focused on complementing color and depicting light and shadow. The evocative joie de vivre of his works and the distinct sense of beauty are characteristics that distinguish him from the painters of his time. His paintings are full of lightness and optimism.

In 1937, Henri Lebasque died in his adopted home, the southern French Le Cannet.



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