Hermann Angeli ( * 1955 )

Portrait of Hermann Angeli

Hermann Angeli: An Abstract Journey into the Soul of Art


Born on September 11, 1955, in Traun, Hermann Angeli has made Linz his home and artistic haven. His journey through international art academies, mentored by masters like Georg Brandner, Alfred Hansl, Manfred Hebenstreit, Alexander Jeanmaire, Peter Mairinger, and Peter Tomschiczek, shaped his profound approach to art. These experiences steered Angeli towards an intense and passionate exploration of painting, laying the groundwork for his unique and recognizable style.

For Hermann Angeli, abstract and informal painting is more than just an art form; it's a relentless quest for self-discovery. Each canvas is a dive into the depths of his soul, an attempt to view the world through a different lens. This ongoing exploration is, for him, the only way to fully understand himself, to grasp his emotions, and to transpose them onto canvas. His artistic philosophy boils down to the idea that without a true inner impulse, art cannot exist.

Angeli firmly believes that art should disturb and challenge. To him, an artwork that fails to confuse the mind of the viewer, to push them to think differently, lacks purpose. Each of Angeli's creations is an invitation to engage in internal dialogue, to question and reflect. His works are not just to be seen; they are to be experienced, offering viewers a window into new and unexplored perspectives.

Wall art prints and famous paintings by Hermann Angeli
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