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Which image to chose for your home office?

Certain colors and shapes are particularly suitable for the home office. Avoid too strong contrasts and bright colors and prefer art prints in muted, inconspicuous color nuances.

Blue has been shown to promote concentration and clear thinking. Green, on the other hand, has a calming effect on us.

Images that are too restless also distract us in the home office. So look for murals with clear shapes and lines.

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Minimal distraction, maximum performance

Less is more: This is especially true in the workplace, because too much confusion is distracting. So that your pictures don't keep you from working, they should be on the contraty help you stay focused.

Minimalist art prints are perfect for your home office space due to their simple elegance!

The social trend of conscious and mindful renunciation can also be seen in art in a reduction to essential structures and forms.

Lots of white space and clear shapes: That leaves room for idea development and helps you breathe deeply.

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Clear forms, clear thoughts

These art prints add structure to your office: geometric figures, e.g. from the era of Cubism and De Stijl.

They show clear lines and muted colors and are eye-catchers that foster concentration.

Typical of cubism: the representation of different perspectives in one picture. So you can always take a new perspective from your desk.

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Fresh head, fresh ideas

Feel good and recharge your batteries with the soothing green tones of nature: Art prints with landscape images are the freshness touch your nedd in your workplace.

Green tones relax our eyes and our minds and provide security. Let your gaze wander over the woods and leaves during a pause for thought and feel the beneficial effects.

When making your choice, pay attention to small representations of nature, e.g. photographs or graphic works that show individual details.

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Want more motivation?

They are trendy and they are cool: Headlines and aphorisms. Whether funny, contemplative or provocative - a typographic mural exudes esprit and personality at your desk.

Lexiko no.6 - Kathrin Strassek
Types no.3 - Kathrin Strassek

Picture frames provide structure

A picture frame gives your art print and thus your office additional structure. The same maxim applies to your office as to the selection of motifs: less is more.

We recommend plain black or white picture frames for your office, which underline the art image optimally. A light gallery frame or a dark Scandi wooden frame perfectly stage your home office fine art prints.

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