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All colors!

Need a trusted companion for the world of colors? We have prepared a selection of designs in a variety of colors for you.


Sometimes a little less is much more.

Classic, clear and cool start »

Bright colorful

Colorful is my favorite color.

Saturated and high contrast images »

Neutral and pastel

I practice the art of deceleration.

To the quiet tones »

Cold tones

Cooling does not have to be the same.

Experience a Blue Wonder »

Warm tones

Art as kissed by the sun.

Warm, warmer, warmest »


One, two ... art.

Optically trick and smile »

I wish...

Categories that make it easier for me to choose the right subject. Find pictures that are based on current housing trends.

Flora and fauna

Be at home with hare and hedgehogs.

Little friends and plants »

Ethno and boho chic

Between tradition and modernity.

Discover a variety of folklore »

Natural Look

See nature with different eyes.

Airy and purist motifs »

Retro oasis

Feel the chic of yesteryear.

Oldies but goldies »


Art for early bookers and last minute travelers.

Around the world »


Put clear cuts and edges in frames.

Avant-garde and modern »

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