Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres ( * 1780 † 1867 )

Self-portrait of Ingres

Biography of Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres


Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres was born on August 29, 1780 in Montauban. He studied at the Academy of Toulouse. In 1797, he became a student of Jacques-Louis David in Paris and two years later he began studying at the School of Fine Arts. In 1806, he made a study trip to Rome. From Rome, he moved to Florence in 1819 to study the works of Titian and Raffaello, before returning to Paris in 1824. His artistic work was criticized and in 1935 he returned to Italy to become the president of the Villa Medicis. In 1841, he returned to Paris where the importance of his work was finally recognized. In 1850, he became the president of the School of Fine Arts. Ingres died on January 14, 1867 in Paris.

Ingres is one of the most important representatives of Classicism, always seeking the perfection of forms.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
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