A space for large photos


The living room is the ideal space for art prints: XXL or several small ones combined, on canvas or framed art paper.

The best idea for a modern living room is to choose large format pictures with which you can embellish large walls in an instant.

Above the sofa or other large furniture a really great panoramic effect is achieved. Low ceilings can be visually enlarged with a portrait.

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View of the Skyline


Whether in London, Paris or New York: from your couch you can enjoy the photographic art of cities around the world.

Aerial views with spectacular photos or detailed shots of charming streets; high-contrast black-and-white skyscrapers or the hustle and bustle of the market square: you get the most beautiful corners of the world right at home.
The city images are not only modern, but also varied. You can always discover something new in your art print.

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Sea - Lucas Martin
Woman on the beach of Noordhoek, near Cape Town - Laura Nenz
Living room with two paintings of characters

Living room with character



The living room is a place full of life. The play of colors and characters on the walls creates a lively and cozy atmosphere.

Retro art and Modern pop, abstract or illustrated, people can be found in many artistic styles. Pop star, designer or activist, use strong characters to decorate your living room.

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Classic beauty


From rivers and lakes, to mountains and valleys, and from meadows and forests to the vastness of the sea: landscape painting offers a comprehensive view of all facets ofnature.

The artworks related to landscapes have been among the favorite subjects of artists since ancient times. Great painters such as Caspar David Friedrich or Claude Monet have created eternal works of art.

The calmness and balance of nature create a pleasant and fresh atmosphere in your living room.


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Words are images for the soul

Typographic motifs are ideal for making subtle yet clear statements.

Calligram by French poet Guillaume Apollinaire: Eiffel Tower - Guillaume Apollinaire
Types no.3 - Kathrin Strassek

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