Magnetic boards, whiteboards, magnetic wall pin board, memo board

Individual magnetic boards with art

As unique as you!

Your magnetic board becomes an individual design object

Your jewelry wall, vacation pictures or the current shopping list become lifestyle objects and give your hallway or kitchen originality and a personal touch.

✓ Perfect color depth
✓ Works with simple kitchen magnets
✓ UV-resistant
✓ Solid aluminum suspension system

Printed magnetic wall

Magnet wall

This product is suitable for your magnetic board in hallway, office or kitchen. The custom printed magnet board is perfect for postcards, shopping lists or a small note on paper. You can also use weaker kitchen magnets, because the print material contains a 0.25 mm thick iron layer. Nice and practical, 2 in 1: We simply print your desired motif in the desired format on the magnetic board for you!

This magnetic wall is not suitable for manual labeling due to the printed surface. 

Magnetic pictures from the back. Safety suspension.


Colorfast: Perfect color depth
Magnetic effect: Very high
UV Resistant: Indoor guaranteed 99 years
Non-halftone: Ultra HD Print
High quality: Solid aluminum suspension system
Torsionally secure: bolted corners
Clean: Back with felt protectors
Convenient: Includes adjustable safety suspension for guaranteed horizontal hanging.

Decoration with individual magnetic boards

Magnet picture for office

Combine art and brains especially clever in the office: with a large or small magnetic board you create order in your notes and ensure a tidy study.

Magnetic picture / magnetic board as advent calendar.

Magnetic wall murals as a gift

A magnetic board offers you a variety of options for a fancy, artistic gift. For example, how about a beautiful motif as a magnetic board that you use as an Advent calendar?

Which magnets may be used?

You can use any magnet. Even weak magnets hold on the material. Make sure that the magnetic surface contains NO SHARPENED elements. This could damage your high quality magnetic board.

It is not necessary to use extra strong neodymium magnets. We do not recommend these high-performance magnets because they cause weight loss due to their extreme magnetic force.

Your own photo as a magnetic board

Upload your own photos

More information about photo printing »


Your photos as dibond pictures, posters, on fine art paper, on glossy photo paper, on real watercolor paper, on scooped laid paper, as a canvas print, with varnish or hand-painted as an oil painting.

Choose exactly the measure and the Print media that best suits your photography and home decor.

File formats JPG, TIF, PDF or PNG

TIF and PDF files without levels. Export PDFs to target size and convert fonts to paths.

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