Choice of mats

Mats are cardboard frames placed in the perimeter of photos and drawings. They do not only protect the paper from the frame and glazing, but also have an esthetic goal. Mats enhance the value and visual effect of the art prints by creating a space between the image and the framing. This arrangement can be use for any image size. The larger the mat, the stronger the visual effect. Our mats are pH neutral and acid-free.

When should you order a passepartout?

We recommend mats only for pictures of the 18th century since this framing technique was invented at this period in order to protect the paper from the wood frame. However, mats were generally not added to oil paintings on canvas. 

Mats are not adaptable to prints on canvas, only for prints on paper. If you order a mat with a frame, your image will be protected by an acrylic glazing, covering both the painting and the mat.


Our hand-made paper with torn edges is manufactured by the company Hahemühle. The edges are torn by hand to give an unique effect. The mats are suitable for this print support that will  be perfectly highlighted.


The cardboard used on our passepartouts is acid-free and pH-neutral. They are characterized by their time and light resistance according to the DIN 6738 standards.