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In maximalism, more is more. This does not mean that you should furnish your apartment with furniture and decoration, but that your personal style should be allowed to show off opulently. Depending on your taste, this can be expressive, gloomy or colourful. Your home will become a small museum of the things you like and reflects your personality one to one. Individuality will be pleased, because there are no real guidelines and rules, such as in minimalism, for example.

Neo-Classicism sends its best regards

Bigger and more conspicuous, decadence and excess. Statement pieces are the key in maximalism. That's why we design whole Petersburg hangings in the apartment or cover a lot of wall surface with huge pictures. A gigantic bookshelf filled to the ceiling, countless plants or a hodgepodge of the most diverse things provide the inspiring flair of Maximalism. A clear guideline: show off.

Art in the bathroom
Maximalism with art and plants

Curated pieces instead of rubbish

Mix and match are best friends in maximalism. Even if you have the feeling that your favourite pieces don't match front and back, you can be sure that they won't. That's the whole point and in fact the room concept looks perfect despite the many different things.

A wonderful jumble of things can also look like a concept. If you feel a little helpless, you can resort to a simple trick: concentrate on just one thing at first. For example plants, books, murals or textiles.

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