Living in Mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style is reminiscent of holidays in the areas around the Mediterranean. Different countries and cultures have a considerable influence on the interior design.

One thing is for sure, such an ambience means: pure lifestyle with the sun of Spain, Italy or France in your home.

To immerse yourself in this atmosphere, you should remember some basics.

What is the focus? Correct! The sea.

Priority is given to maritime decorative items that you collected on your last holiday. However, shells and other objects related to the sea are also ideal.

Wooden furniture, wickerwork made of rattan and elements made of natural stone are popular materials for furniture. Marble, for example, also comes from the region, so a marble tabletop.

countertop in the kitchen or the floor in the bathroom can set excellent accents. This is rounded off with wrought-iron chairs and a matching table on the balcony or terrace.

30 degrees in the shade

If you like to experiment, an antique fresco with enamel tiles in patchwork pattern - This is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher.

Warm earthy tones such as beige, terracotta rose, fireplace red and ochre are typical of the Mediterranean style. This is achieved by using colored details such as blue or green shutters and doors.

Fresh garden herbs or lavender in the unglazed clay pots have a very decorative effect. Light textiles such as linen or cotton are best suited for Mediterranean furnishings.

If you want authenticity, look for fishermen's houses and country house style. Designers like to be inspired by this and use rustic objects with modern solutions. A combination brings liveliness and clarity to your house or apartment.

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