Otto Modersohn ( * 1865 † 1943 )

Short bio of Otto Modersohn (1865- 1943)

Born on February 22, 1865 in Westphalia, Otto Modersohn was well-known German expressionist and landscape painter and co-founder of Worpswede. In 1884, he started attending the Düsseldorf Art Academy and in 1888 he moved to Karlsruhe, where he attended the city’s art school. In 1888, his journey with the painter Fritz Mackensen to northern Germany and then to Worpswede inspired him and decided to join the artists' colony with his frien. In 1901, after the death of his first wife, he married the painter Paula Becker, who also died shortly after the birth of her daughter Mathilde. His later works were based on his marriage with his third wife, the birth of his two sons and his intense work in Fischerhude, where numerous paintings and drawings were created.

On 10 March 1943, he died in Fischerhude.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Otto Modersohn
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