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Quality and Durability of Our MDF Picture Backing Boards


MDF, or Medium Density Fiberboard, is a material of choice in the framing industry, being composed of compressed wood fibers to create a sturdy and versatile backing board. This type of wood panel is particularly valued for its uniformity and smooth surface, making it ideal for printing photos or artworks. Furthermore, thanks to its variety of available thicknesses and the possibility of custom cuts, MDF allows perfect adaptation to all image dimensions, making each framing project unique and personalized.

MDF picture backing boards prove to be a popular and accessible framing option, standing out as an economical alternative to traditional framing methods. These boards are not only affordable but also effective in highlighting photographic prints and art reproductions, ensuring optimal protection and staging of each image. Thus, they meet the needs of those looking for both economy and aesthetics in their framing choices.

Finally, MDF picture backing boards are practical to handle and install. They can be easily hung, with or without a frame, according to the preferences and requirements of each user. This usage flexibility makes MDF boards an even more attractive option, catering to a variety of needs and tastes in terms of decoration and image presentation.

Image on MDF BACKBOARD, 3mm, without hanger

Image on MDF BACKBOARD, 3mm, without hanger
Suitable for posters and art prints
Suitable for paintings and canvas prints
Suitable for mats
Canvas overlap
0,00 cm
Frame width
0,00 cm
Espessor del marco
0,30 cm
Maximum length - larger side
300,00 cm
Maximum length - shorter side
147,00 cm
Maximum length without reinforcement
300,00 cm
Item number:
3mm MDF back frame, without hanging system on the back. Ideal if you want to assemble your own photo frame with art prints on paper or handmade paper... You can add a mat. Image on MDF BACKBOARD, 3mm, without hanger
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