Gerhard Rasser ( * 1958 )

Gerhard Rasser

Gerhard Rasser

Gerhard Rasser shows himself to be extremely diverse in his art: he combines oil-painting techniques, watercolor and pastel painting with various graphic processes as well as Chinese ink painting and calligraphy.

Born in 1958 on the Constance Lake, Gerhard Rasser discovered his love for Art while studying architecture and art history. Emotional snapshots dominate his works: deep feelings such as melancholy, transience, threat, loneliness as well as longing and hope find their expression here.

Gerhard Rasser's images are often observations of nature such as birds, which in his eyes stand for an unrestricted freedom that we humans are forever denied.

Gerhard Rasser wants to think with his work and encourage you to pause in a "restless, shrill and noisy time."



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Gerhard Rasser
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