Renée Rauchalles

Biography of Renée Rauchalles

Power, violence, destruction and inhumanity

Renée Rauchalles lives and works in her native Munich (Germany). Studying singing, acting and ballet from an early age formed the artist's physical and mental awareness, which was particularly important in understanding herself. This feeling related to emotional and physical inner movement was initially limited and later led to another movement, this time completely free. Exploring inner movement, which permeates not only the human being but the entire creation, Renée Rauchalles creates her dynamic abstract paintings, mostly made in multiple parts, which symbolize this movement through fluid shapes and lines beyond constricting boundaries.

The artist also represents the contrast with the archetypal limited space formed by power, violence, destruction and inhumanity. In order to express this duality, the principle of life and of our entire form of existence, Renée Rauchalles deliberately chooses the figurative-concrete on the one hand and the abstract mode of representation on the other: one does not exclude the other and everything is subject to constant interaction. To show that certain topics are timeless themes, she likes to use well-known symbols such as the Tower of Babylon in her painting "AufBruch" or the Christian cross in reference to Grunewald in "Thou Shalt Not Kill".




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