Bring Riviera style into your house

A coral-colored living room in glamorous style

When you think about the French Riviera what are the words in your head? Glamour, luxurious homes, luxurious living and magnificent style.

The South of France has always inspired many famous artists such as Picasso, Matisse or Renoir - all of them have integrated landscapes and lifestyles from the French Riviera into their works.


Design your home in perfect Côte d'Azur style. .

Furnishing styles have naturally evolved over time, so much so that today it stands out between neoclassical and contemporary design.

Lovers of neoclassical style can try a pompous interior decoration. Velvet furniture, curtains, gilded and floral frames on the ceiling and Victorian paintings in gilded baroque frames are all part of this.

Mediterranean interiors

In contrast to the other, this is contemporary design.

This style is characterized by wide open spaces, lots of light, sun and a magnificent view that can be enjoyed through the full-height windows.

The whole thing must not seem too sterile and this effect can be achieved with elegant furniture, modern works of art and the necessary freshness provided by large green plants.

Rustic and maritime is almost "natural" for this region. Large solid wood table, exposed beams and bright, neutral colours.

Glamour Chic

Similar to the Glamour Chic style, the Riviera style plays with metal and its refined characteristic.

In combination with colour, it has a modern rather than traditional look and brings elegance within the four walls of the house. This is how you get the touch of sophistication in your high society home.

We recommend noble colours for the walls. Black and white photographs of famous people are popular and stand out well.

High quality brass frames give the finishing touch and blend in perfectly with the surroundings for a totally successful interior design.

Elegant pink kitchen with frescoes

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