Mark Rothko ( * 1903 † 1970 )

Biography of Mark Rothko

The Color Field painter

World-famous American painter Mark Rothko (born Marcus Rothkowitz) was born on September 25th, 1903 in Dvinsk, Latvia. He is one of the most important representatives of "color field painting".

In 1913, at the age of ten, he emigrated to New York with his family. In the years 1921-1923 Rothko studied psychology and philosophy history at Yale University in New Heaven. However, he left university without a degree and moved to New York to the Art Students League and the New School of Design.

Together with Adolph Gottlieb, John Graham and other painters, Mark Rothko co-founded the Independent in 1935 Artist's Association "The Ten". He was granted American citizenship in 1938 and changed his name to Rothko in 1940.

Rothko was a painter of Surrealism and Expressionism and is today considered a representative of Abstract Expressionism, a North American art movement of modern painting. Characteristic of his pictures are blurred, not clearly delimited, superimposed, hovering color rectangles that result from the application of color in several layers.

Despite commercial success, Mark Rothko suffered from depression and seclusion and committed suicide in 1970 own studio.



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