Sara Catena ( * 1967 )

Portrait of Sara Catena

The Art of Sara Catena: A Colorful and Joyful Life


"Since I was a little girl, I have been raised in a cheerful environment, close to craftsmanship and surrounded by cups of tea, in a small town on the shores of New Zealand. My parents were part of the post-war generation that advocated resourcefulness, and they taught me to respect the land and others. Both of them instilled in me a love for creation: my father through drawing, woodworking, and restoring antique objects; my mother with wool, fabrics, and threads. By letting my creativity flow with these materials, I too found joy.

I developed a deep love for nature and its vibrant colors. I remember lying on the emerald green grass to gaze at the azure blue sky – I was in paradise. After more than 30 years of joyful experimentation with colors, painting, textiles, and threads, I am still excited when I convey a story or an idea through the skills I learned during my childhood, which continue to be an integral part of my work.

As a painter, I work with oil paints, acrylics, pastels, and threads on recycled fabrics and canvases. My artworks showcase the natural pleasure that life brings me, a positive energy that comes from the depths of my heart. My textile works include the gentle, lyrical sculptures "Lovebird Nests," made from recycled elements and melted plastic."

Sara Catena: an artist whose work is a celebration of color and the joy of living.

Wall art prints and famous paintings by Sara Catena
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