Shipping dates and shipping costs

Once you add an item to your shopping cart all charges are properly calculated and displayed including oversize up-charges.
Shipping details (country and shipping company)
Shipping company
Shipping time, in work days 2
Shipping details (country and shipping company)
Standard shipping costs 39,00 £
Additional packaging costs for framed images 0,00 £
With framing
Oversize extra shipping costs
Size over:
46 cm x 75 cm
18 inch x 29 inch
8,00 £
Size over:
74 cm x 120 cm
29 inch x 47 inch
15,00 £
Without framing
Oversize extra shipping costs
Shorter image dimension including white border larger than::
93 cm x 93 cm
36 inch x 36 inch
3,00 £
Narrower size over:
115 cm x 115 cm
45 inch x 45 inch
6,00 £
Narrower size over:
145 cm x 145 cm
56 inch x 56 inch
8,00 £
European VAT included
Custom duties & fees At the moment the exact customs duty cannot be given. UK Customs collects duties equal to UK sales tax as a cash on delivery payment via UPS. In addition, there is about 25 € UPS extra fee.
Particularities Toll fees will be paid at package reception.
Please choose the delivery land.
If the land you are looking for is not listed, please contact us by filling in our contact form.
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