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Shipping details (country and shipping company)
Shipping company
Shipping time, in work days 2
Shipping details (country and shipping company)
Standard shipping costs 8,95 £
Additional packaging costs for framed images 0,00 £
With framing
Oversize extra shipping costs
Size over:
42 cm x 67 cm
16 inch x 26 inch
2,00 £
Size over:
69 cm x 113 cm
27 inch x 44 inch
25,00 £
Size over:
80 cm x 131 cm
31 inch x 51 inch
70,00 £
Without framing
Oversize extra shipping costs
Shorter image dimension including white border larger than::
94 cm x 94 cm
36 inch x 36 inch
2,00 £
Narrower size over:
119 cm x 119 cm
46 inch x 46 inch
25,00 £
Narrower size over:
144 cm x 144 cm
56 inch x 56 inch
10,00 £
European VAT included already included
Custom duties & fees no
Particularities no
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Reviews about the shipping companies
Star valuation based on a number of 40 reviews.
P. W. wrote the following review:
Delivered as agreed
M. S. wrote the following review:
Very fast delivery! Everything was packed well!
P. G. wrote the following review:
very expensive delivery
P. O. wrote the following review:
Delivered as stated
G. C. wrote the following review:
G. C. wrote the following review:
Excellent service!
G. L. wrote the following review:
Yes well packaged came on time, had a little difficulty with the tracking procedure.
A. M. wrote the following review:
The product came when they said it would. No problems at all.
T. K. wrote the following review:
No option to agree time slot for delivery and no advanced warning in the day.
J. B. wrote the following review:
I am not satisfied with the delivery service UPS. Notification was received that the product would be delivered on a certain day but it was not, and there was no further notification. A notification was received that product would be delivered the next day. Given the option to redirect it to a neighbourhood shop, that option was chosen. There was no notification that the product had been delivered , so we went to the shop at its closing time to find that the shop refused to accept the delivery as it was too big. I telephoned customer services and arranged for delivery to the original address on Thursday, but without notification the delivery was made on the Wednesday. Luckily someone was there to receive it.