Design rooms with ART-PRINTS-ON-DEMAND.COM

In general, when we think about art or painting, we think first of all about the living room, where these works embellish the wall. But even in the kitchen a fresco can give a special touch or create something particular in the bathroom. Or how about a special work of art in the corridor that welcomes you and your guests? Art on the wall can also enhance the atmosphere in the children's room or in your office.

Discover the ideas for your rooms on these pages!

Richness on the wall

The kitchen


The perfect decoration of the kitchen will make you spend long and nice evenings in the kitchen full of culinary experience.

Wall pictures for bedroom design

Artistically fulfilled dreams

The bedroom

Individual, intimate and bright. Sleeping on a cloud.

Living room with character

The salon

Tips and tricks on how to improve comfort but also make the room practical.

The most beautiful pictures for your bathroom

Art in the bedroom


With clever ideas and the right planning, the bathroom becomes your favorite place.

Wall pictures for your office

Structured Workspace

The workspace

The high-quality materials and sleek lines allow you to stay focused on your work.

Picture ideas for the dining room

The dining room

A multi-functional place for pleasant evenings and great meetings with friends.