Dagmar Vogt ( * 1960 )

Portrait of Dagmar Vogt

Dagmar Vogt's biography

Abstract art and concrete painting of flowers, blooms and lakes - Dagmar Vogt , also known as DAVO, is a German artist who paints in oil, acrylic and works in artistic series. In this series of images, Dagmar Vogt carries out experiments and variations under conditions of colour and tension. "I work with and in nature" - her inspiration comes from the combination of landscapes she sees. She brings soft layers of paint and nuances to them. "Nature helps us to discover ourselves."

Today she creates works of art in her studio in Wuppertal that strike a balance between abstract and real art. In addition to her full-time profession as an artist, she teaches painting and graphic arts at art academies. She is also a member of the Wittener Künstlerbund and the BBK Bergisches Land. From collections from Chicago to Witten to Hong Kong, from German art fairs to solo and group exhibitions all over the world: DAVO brings her expertise and commitment to the art scene in all its aspects.



Wall art prints and famous paintings by Dagmar Vogt
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