Warm Scandi

Bring warmth into your home

With the new trendy colors wine red, classic blue or even spicy yellow, you bring cosiness into your Scandinavian interior. Bright, rich colours now decorate upholstered furniture, cushions and walls, bringing warmth to every room. The trend, inspired by the Warm Nordic Style, makes your home directly more comfortable and creates joy through the vivid splashes of colour in modern surroundings.

Our tip:

p>modern works of art are best combined with Warm Scandi, for example from the Bauhaus style or the classic modern. That's why monochrome pictures and large shapes are also perfect for the living style. The main focus is probably the colors, because if these voices are almost the motif of the mural is not important. As long as it brings warmth into your home, it is perfect for the Warm Scandi style.

Organic forms

Round, oval and flowing designs are becoming more and more common, replacing the classic angular designs or playfully complementing them. Special organic shapes and imperfect decorative objects create a feeling of well-being. Even small colour impressions leave an impression. Combine and decorate skilfully, but remember, in Scandi style, less is more. Clean surfaces and space for the unfolding of individual furniture and objects are welcome.

Warm earth tones in soft nuances

Soft warmth with pastel

Only because colors come into play, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Stay with what you find beautiful and like to look at. If you want to combine your furniture with new saturated colors, but find this very difficult, go for the still popular pastel colors. These are wonderful to mix with richer colors bit by bit. True to the motto "better safe than sorry", you can test how you like small color adjustments and changes before furnishing your home with a new style.

Neu trifft alt

With cosy colors and warm textiles, even old design favourites and retro furniture are being used again. New covers or coatings ensure that they can be easily inserted into the desired design. This gives the modern Scandi style a slight vintage touch that radiates a sense of style.

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